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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Me - The Author

I have been writing all my life. Until about three years ago, I mainly wrote letters and funny stories to entertain friends and family. I love the way fragmented thoughts can be strung together to show you, in black and white, a complete idea and those things that surround it. My favorite aspect of writing, however, is the freedom I feel to express myself. I get very frustrated when others do not understand things I verbalize. Writing seems to eliminate the factors that cause misunderstandings.

A blank page is without tension or pretense. There are no paradigms to overcome when you're giving an idea life. It's anonymous with the ability to be incredibly personal. I pride myself on having incredible verbal communication skills, but I have yet to find a situation where making myself heard on paper has failed. It is quite simply perfect.

Thus far, my writing journeys have produced two full-length novels, which I dearly loved writing every word of. The stretching and pushing myself has come through writing short stories. I like elaborate, even wordy prose. The effort I must exert to say more with fewer words is often exhausting but very rewarding, I've found. Both of my novels fall in the Romance category while all of my short stories are erotic.

I am ready now to stretch my legs a bit and venture into the world of being a published author. Stay tuned for the journey. Better yet, join me in exploring whatever comes to mind. I've found that each new person I meet and interact with makes me a richer person. This, in turn, makes my writing richer and isn't that what all authors strive for?